Monday, March 12, 2007

Chinese Dramas

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I've grown up watching Chinese dramas and Hong Kong movies.  Its probably one of the reasons that I can still understand as much Mandarin Chinese as I do now.  Some of my favorite dramas were those from TVB of Jinyong's novels.  The ones from the 80s from the "5 tigers" of Hong Kong were my favorites.  Although I haven't watched them since the early 90s, I can still remember them fondly.  My two favorites dramas starred Tony Leung Chiu Wai.  The versions I watched were all the Mandarin dubbed versions.

Many of those Jinyong series get a production from both Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Recently, China's been releasing their own productions as well.  So, for any given drama, you can see 2 or 3 interpretations every decade or so dating to the 70s.

Recently, these past 3 months, I've been able to watch 2 series that have really caught my attention.  One is called "The Proud Twins" starring two HK male leads, Dicky Cheung and Nicholas Tse.  Its around 44 or 45 episodes (depends on which DVD set you're watching).  I must say that the first 25 episode were fantastic.  Simply amazing.  I watched in anticipation for each story arc to unfold.  But the series took a really dark tone after that point and I ended up fast forwarding through at least 80% of the rest of the series.  I remember telling my wife that she had to watch it and I'd translate whatever she couldn't understand.  But I couldn't recommend it after I watched it all.  Only 60% of the series was any good.  Do the producers and makers even know how good it was and how much it sucked after?  In any case, it was GREAT for 25 episodes.  I can tell you when to stop and not watch anymore.  This story was based off a Gu Long novel.

The second was one that I just finished watching.  It may hold a place in my heart as the best I've seen in years.  Its out of Taiwan called "Angel Lover" starring Ming Dao, Bianca Bai, and Coco Jiang.  I immediately felt an affiliation with the lead's character, personality, and sense of humor.  The lead's love interest was just as, if not more, interesting.  The series has distinct story arcs and I only fast forwarded through one of the arcs.  The songs are pretty catchy as well.  I'll have to search for the OST around town.  I have no idea where the story originated from but I thought it was quite unique and kept me on board for most the ride.

I also enjoyed a very lighted hearted movie with my current favorite actress, Cherrie Ying.  The movie doesn't have a official english name, but if I were to translate, it would be "Dream Seekers".  Takes place in China and may be reflecting the changing face of the Chinese as they start to take in more and more of the world cuture.  I must warn you that it contains a pretty high "cheese" factor.  Its called meng xiang ren jian in pinyin.

For the first time, I am actually going to open up an entry for comments.  I'll see how that goes.  If I get zero comments.  No need to turn on comments than I say.  But who knows.  It I get too many saying I am lame, I'll have to reconsider.

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