Sunday, March 31, 2013

Short Break In April

Oh man, these last 3 months have been a blast. Since introducing coverage of the box office for Taiwan, Zhong Guo, and Hong Kong, its been a relief to post. That covers 3 post a week. Which works out, because all three box office results come out on different days. Even if I wanted to post them on the same day, I cannot. I am still covering upcoming movies from Taiwan I deem noteworthy and some US ones like Iron Man 3.

I'll be taking a breather for most of April. I just won't have time to keep up. I just hope it doesn't spill into the rest of the year. I've also recently started to watch HK movies again. I've taken a couple or three years off.

I leave you with a recent popular post of mean for the Zhong Guo family tree. Complicated for sure. Meant to keep you in your place. Below is the Canto version. I have no clue since I don't have a canto background. I suspect these family trees will be really small for one child generation.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

End Of Watch - 火線赤子情

End Of Watch (火線赤子情) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña. The supporting cast include Anna Kendrick, Natalie Martinez, America Ferrera, Cody Horn, and Kristy Wu. The movie is shot in both traditional and "found" footage style.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña play local LAPD beat cops. They pretty much patrol the streets in their cruiser. We see them on the streets, in the police station, at a wedding, etc. It's like a reality show cut from found footage. The two of them seem to keep finding and busting the chops of the drug cartel. Can they survive the mean streets of LA when there's a bounty for their heads?

This was a pretty amazing film. Southland is another show I watched on and off while flipping through the channels. This film blows that show out of the waters. The bromance of the two leads cut to their interactions with their other officers, to the criminals they come across, to their personal lives. The presentation is very natural and very believable. We get a glimpse and we're immediately sucked in. We care about them instantly and whatever happens from there on out is just gravy. The story is heightened by the whole drug cartel angle.

This is a much watch for all you LAPD fans.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hong Kong Box Office - March 24, 2013 - 香港票房榜

Hong Kong Box Office - Week Ending: March 24, 2013

Weekend of March 24, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 Olympus Has Fallen (白宮淪陷)
2 Oz The Great and Powerful (魔境仙踪)
3 The Croods (古魯家族)
4 Gambit (離奇偽術家)
5 Side Effects (2013) (謎離藥謊)
6 Mama (屍人保姆)
7 Silver Linings Playbook (失戀自作業)
8 Jack the Giant Slayer (傑克:巨魔獵人)
9 English Vinglish (紐約精讀遊)
10 笑功震武林 (Xiao Gong Zhen Wu Lin/Princess And Seven Kung Fu Masters)

Source: Box Office Mojo and WMOOV - retrieved March 28, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Killing Them Softly - 殺戮行動

Killing Them Softly (殺戮行動) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Brad Pitt. The supporting cast include Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini, and Ray Liotta.

The story takes place in Boston somewhere. A card game is hit and the money gone. The local mobsters hire a clean up crew to find out and kill the troublemakers. Brad Pitt plays Jackie, the 2nd in charge of the local mob's hitmen. We follow a week in the lives of the hitman, the two young guys that stole from the card game, the local mobster spokesman, and the card dealer.

This movie was pretty slow. The plot does revolve around Brad Pitt once he enters into the story. From that point on, we she how Jackie encounters problems and deals with them. From the local mobsters to the local low life's. Jackie plays an hitman that's just doing his everyday job. The supporting cast also adds to the story. But this really is Pitt's show. Pitt is up front and center and the story goes as he goes.

Slow but worth the watch. Another charmer from Pitt that did terrible at the Box Office. Pitt doesn't play it safe and we're the ones rewarded with one of Pitt's better performances.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zhong Guo Box Office - March 24, 2013 - 中国票房榜

Zhong Guo Box Office - Week Ending: March 24, 2013

Weekend of March 24, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 北京遇上西雅图 (Seeking Mr.Right)
2 A Good Day to Die Hard (虎胆龙威5)
3 Resident Evil: Retribution (生化危机5:惩罚)
4 笑功震武林 (Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters)
5 叶问:终极一战 (Ip Man: Final Fight)
6 西游: 降魔篇 (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)
7 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (霍比特人1:意外旅程)
8 逆世界 (Upside Down)
9 Les Miserables (悲惨世界)
10 止杀令 (An End To Killing)

Source: Ent Group - retrieved March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty - 00:30凌晨密令

Zero Dark Thirty (00:30凌晨密令) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Jessica Chastain. The supporting cast include Jason Clarke, Jennifer Ehle, Kyle Chandler, Harold Perrineau, Joel Edgerton, and Chris Pratt. The film was based on the CIA's search and eventual take down of Osama bin Laden (UBL) after the 9/11 attacks.

Jessica Chastain plays Maya. Maya is sent to Pakistan to find UBL. We are introduced to water boarding interrogations to get information out of captives. Maya goes from one lead to the next and latches on to one pertaining to Abu Ahmed. From there, the lead goes on for years until around 2010 when they get a break in the case. The break eventually leads to Maya finding UBL.

This movie was pretty gritty and Chastain is front and center for the majority of the film. And Chastain does an amazing job. She is the jewel of the current crop of female actors in her generation. I kind of remember Julia Ormond and Claire Forlani sort of breaking out from nowhere. However, those two relied on romantic films. Chastain does it all. Her resume of films starting in 2011 is more than impressive and enough for many careers. However, I think this is just a start for her. I expect her to have another great run for the next few years.

Back to the movie. The story itself is linear and tells of how Maya chases leads after leads. It exposes the lives of those chasing and the causalities of this chase. We see in Maya a parallel of how the sentiment in the states were. Starting out as tentative and becoming a master of tradecraft. Getting the job done.

I recommend the movie and its made me more impressed with Kathryn Bigelow. From Point Break to The Hurt Locker, Bigelow's resume can stand the test of time. Not quantity, but quality.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Taiwan Box Office - March 24, 2013 - 台灣票房榜

Weekend of March 24, 2013
Rank Film Title Weeks
1 Olympus Has Fallen (全面攻佔:倒數救援) 1
2 Oz The Great And Powerful (奧茲大帝) 2
3 Beautiful Creatures (美麗魔物) 1
4 Silver Linings Playbook (派特的幸福劇本) 5
5 Promise Land (心靈勇氣) 1
6 Jack the Giant Slayer (傑克:巨人戰紀) 4
7 Mama (母侵) 3
8 悲慘世界 (Les Miserables) 6
9 港都 (The Harbor) 1
10 Chainsaw Massacre 3D (德州電鋸殺人狂3D) 2
11 阿嬤的夢中情人 (Forever Love) 4
12 Stoker (慾謀) 2
13 101次求婚 (Say Yes) 1
14 Amour (愛 慕) 3
15 Warm Bodies (殭屍哪有這麼帥) 4
16 少年Pi的奇幻漂流 (Life of Pi) 17
17 大尾鱸鰻 (David Loman) 7
18 Forever Runner (看不見的跑道) 2
19 Django Unchained (決殺令) 4
20 海猿 終極救援 (Umizaru 4 brave hearts) 2

Source: Yahoo! Movies Taiwan - retrieved March 25, 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hong Kong Box Office - March 17, 2013 - 香港票房榜

Hong Kong Box Office - Week Ending: March 17, 2013

Weekend of March 17, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 Oz The Great and Powerful (魔境仙踪)
2 Mama (屍人保姆)
3 Jack the Giant Slayer (傑克:巨魔獵人)
4 Side Effects (2013) (謎離藥謊)
5 Silver Linings Playbook (失戀自作業)
6 Parker (轟天復仇)
7 笑功震武林 (Xiao Gong Zhen Wu Lin/Princess And Seven Kung Fu Masters)
8 English Vinglish (紐約精讀遊)
9 Warm Bodies (熱血喪男)
10 Amour (愛)

Source: Box Office Mojo and WMOOV - retrieved March 19, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Man With The Iron Fists - 鐵拳

The Man With The Iron Fists (鐵拳) is an 2012 film. The movies stars RZA. With a rather large ensemble cast that include Rick Yune, Jamie Chung, Russel Crow, Lucy Liu, David Bautista, Cung Le, and Byron Mann. With special cameos from Pam Grier, MC Jin, Daniel Wu, Grace Huang, Gordon Liu, Chen Kuan-tai, Bryan Leung, Zhu Zhu, and Terence Yin. Film primarily in Zhong Guo, you'll see a lot of actors based in HK show up in the film with "english speaking" roots.

RZA plays an iron smith that makes weapons for the different clans of Jungle Village. He is trying to save enough to buy the release of his brothel girlfriend, played by Jamie Chung. However, just as he was about to leave, a lot of gold comes through town. Bringing with it outsiders and the locals seeking to steal it. Lots and lots of fighting happens and the man with the iron fists must bring order to the town.

This movie was fun to watch. From both an "Asian American" POV and also from the POV of someone whom watches a lot of stuff from Zhong Guo, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It had me thinking the whole film. I was looking at all the familiar faces. Wondering whom in the cast grew up or spent time schooling in the USA, Canada, or Australia. Did they come from Singapore? The set pieces also got me thinking a lot. Would this set appear in an wuxia series or movie produced by locals? Lots and lots of thoughts. This is one of the few movies that had me pausing and rewinding alot.

The movie itself as a whole was good. Entertaining. I'd prolly have repeat watches of this if it shows up on cable. I however would not rent or buy this film (I rented this time). Also, all those questions I had were hard to overlook. Which might have caused me to not enjoy the film as much. I don't know if I could have avoided this due to the casting and my personal background.

The movie ends on a cliff hanger for a sequel. With its box office performance dismal, I highly doubt we'll see one. It was a fun ride for RZA, but we'll prolly see him making an "american" film next time around.

Friday, March 22, 2013

港都 - The Harbor - Upcoming

港都 (The Harbor) is being released in Taipei this coming weekend. I had orginally thought this was an Hong Kong movie when I saw the poster for it back in January. However, the only HK dude in the cast seems to be Dennis To. Jimmy Hung seems to have spent most his professional time in Taiwan. I remember Jimmy from his Tension days. Half the doods from Tension were from the LA area and could hardly speak Mandarin.

The cast also seems to include some new faces of the Taiwan movie scene. Including otaku goddess, Dou Hua Mei (宅男女神 豆花妹).

Looks very b-movie in quality, but its prolly going to blow my mind when I watch it. Looking forward to it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Argo - 亞果出任務

Argo (亞果出任務) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Ben Affleck. The supporting cast include Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, and John Goodman. Ben Affleck also acted as the films producer and director. The story was based on real life events during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

In 1979, Iran has recently seen a new government put in place. With that new government, they really hate the US of A. As such, demonstrations in front of the US Embassy in Tehran take a turn for the worst when it is overrun and the workers taken as hostages. 6 of the workers find a way to slip the Embassy and find their way to an Canadian safe house. Back in the US, gov't folks in the CIA find out and will look for ways to extract these 6. But it can't make the US take on any political pressure in relation to the Iran Hostage Crisis. Tony Mendez is the man for the job. They concoct a film production plan to get these six out. With help from an CIA contractor working in Hollywood, they set up an fake studio and fake a real movie production. Along the way, Mendez flies out to Middle East and eventually Iran to get these folks out.

This movie was pretty awesome. Great story, great set up, and great pay off. I recently saw it on Blu-ray and it deserves the hype it's been given. I don't think it'll hold its longivity vs films like the Avengers, but it'll be a classic. I can't see myself flipping through the channels and stopping on this movie. But that is not the point. It was a great movie. Affleck did it right. You should do the right thing and watch this.

The Blu-ray extras were a real treat too. In one of the featurettes, they went into the making of the Tehran airport. It just so happens that they filmed the whole sequence in nearby Ontario Airport (ONT in the greater Los Angeles area). That is my airport of choice to fly out of for domestic flights. However, they didn't film at the new location. It was the old Ontario building from the 1960s. Making it the perfect backdrop. As I watched the making of, it brought back all those memories of flying up to the Bay Area out of that airport back in the 1990s. Awesome!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Zhong Guo Box Office - March 17, 2013 - 中国票房榜

Zhong Guo Box Office - Week Ending: March 17, 2013

Weekend of March 17, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 A Good Day to Die Hard (虎胆龙威5)
2 笑功震武林 (Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters)
3 逆世界 (Upside Down)
4 西游: 降魔篇 (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)
5 Resident Evil: Retribution (生化危机5:惩罚)
6 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (霍比特人1:意外旅程)
7 Les Miserables (悲惨世界)
8 Stolen (劫案迷云)
9 爱神 (Fall In Love)
10 爱情银行 (Love Bank)

Source: Ent Group - retrieved March 19, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph - 無敵破壞王

Wreck-It Ralph (無敵破壞王) is an 2012 animated film. The movie is voiced by John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Lynch. The film was a production of the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Wreck-It Ralph is the main antagonist of an 1980s video game, Fix-It Felix. On the 30th year anniversary of the video game, Ralph just wants to be loved instead of being the bad guy. When he crashes a party, he's challenged to obtain a coin in order to be accepted. With that goal, Ralph finds another game with a coin to bring back to his game. But that action has its consequences and it leads to all sorts of fun and outrageous hijinxs.

This movie was pretty awesome. I am a product of both the 1980s and 1990s. I grew up in the 1980s and came of age in the 1990s. When movies go back to either of those eras, I get a nostalgic feeling. It brings me back to those days where I raced to the local liquor store to put my quarters down to play games like Galaga, Kung Fu Master, Karate Champ, and 1942. As I got older, the games advanced to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. This game spanned the generations for me. Going from the 1970s through modern first person shooting games.

This is one of those movies that makes kids happy and adults will appreciate it as well.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Taiwan Box Office - March 17, 2013 - 台灣票房榜

Weekend of March 17, 2013
Rank Film Title Weeks
1 Oz The Great And Powerful (奧茲大帝) 1
2 Silver Linings Playbook (派特的幸福劇本) 4
3 Jack the Giant Slayer (傑克:巨人戰紀) 3
4 Chainsaw Massacre 3D (德州電鋸殺人狂3D) 1
5 Mama (母侵) 3
6 悲慘世界 (Les Miserables) 5
7 Stoker (慾謀) 1
8 Warm Bodies (殭屍哪有這麼帥) 3
9 阿嬤的夢中情人 (Forever Love) 3
10 少年Pi的奇幻漂流 (Life of Pi) 16
11 大尾鱸鰻 (David Loman) 6
12 Amour (愛 慕) 2
13 天后之戰 (Faithball) 4
14 Django Unchained (決殺令) 3
15 海猿 終極救援 (Umizaru 4 brave hearts) 1
16 Lincoln (林肯) 4
17 獵人劇場版-緋色幻影 (Hunter x Hunter The Movie: Phantom Rouge) 2
18 志氣 (Step Back To Glory) 5
19 In The House (登堂入室) 1
20 No 3

Source: Yahoo! Movies Taiwan - retrieved March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Family Tree - Zhong Guo Style

This video of the Family Tree within Zhong Guo Ren circles is making the rounds around the Asian-American ranks right now. It's a pretty funny and acturate account of the number of ways I refer to my relatives. Even between my cousins, we call our aunties and uncles differently due to the birth order and side of the family one is on.

There are slight variations between the way we refer to people. The video does point to the more formal titles. However, within different regions of Zhong Guo, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, the titles very slightly.

As the video ran, there were somethings I never ran across because there were not "older wife's sides kids" or something like in my family to make a reference point. It was not confusing to me, but a reiteration of things I grew up having to learn and know in order to be polite.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lincoln - 林肯

Lincoln (林肯) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Daniel Day-Lewis as the sixteenth President of The United States Of America, Abraham Lincoln. The movie was mostly based on Lincoln's last four months in office trying to pass the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Of America through the house of representatives. The supporting cast ranged far and wide. I would go on IMDB or Wikipedia to see the whole ensemble cast.

Lincoln has just been re-elected as the President of the USA. The war is taking its toll on the nation and Lincoln does not think that the Emancipation Proclamation will hold in court after the war is over. The 13th amendment has already passed the senate and needs to pass the house to seek ratification with the states. Lincoln is also fighting to end the war with a slow takeover of Virginia. The party of Lincoln, the Republicans have more than 50% of the votes in the house, but not enough for the 2/3 vote. Looking to sway the Democrats to his side, Lincoln ask his cabinet to get to work and he puts in time himself. Along the way, we're shown Lincoln's interaction with the soliders of the war, the long lines to address issues at the White House and his family dynamics. Specifically with his Wife, oldest and youngest sons.

This movie was pretty good. I was fairly impressed. Since my childhood days of learning about the US presidents in school, I've always thought of Abe Lincoln as one of the presidents that made an lasting impression on the United States. Slavery had already been abolished in the British Empire and the United States were following suit. Politics seems to rear its ugly head no matter the time. People are dead set to protect their interest. This movie was a reminder that the politics of today was around 150 years ago too.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hong Kong Box Office - March 10, 2013 - 香港票房榜

Hong Kong Box Office - Week Ending: March 10, 2013

Weekend of March 10, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 Oz The Great and Powerful (魔境仙踪)
2 Jack the Giant Slayer (傑克:巨魔獵人)
3 Silver Linings Playbook (失戀自作業)
4 笑功震武林 (Xiao Gong Zhen Wu Lin/Princess And Seven Kung Fu Masters)
5 Lincoln (林肯)
6 Warm Bodies (熱血喪男)
7 Life Of Pi (少年PI的奇幻漂流)
8 Amour (愛)
9 Zero Dark Thirty (追擊拉登行動)
10 Argo (ARGO 救參任務)

Source: Box Office Mojo and WMOOV - retrieved March 12, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ted - 熊麻吉

Ted (熊麻吉) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Mark Walberg, Mila Kunis, and the voice of Seth MacFarlane. MacFarlane also wrote and directed this movie.

Mark Walberg plays John Bennett, a boy from south Boston. As a wee lad, he wishes that his Teddy bear could become real. By the very hand of GOD, his teddy bear did become real. However, that's not the movie, its 27 years later and the boy has grown up. But so did the teddy bear and they are still best friends. However, Ted is not a good role model. Prone to negative vices and not very responsible. Ted strains the relationship between John and his three year long girlfiend, Lori. Lori makes John pick, her or Ted. Well, he picks Ted. But realizes that was a big mistake and wants Lori back.

This movie was all sorts of bad. Basically a license to be raunchy with an "adult" teddy bear. The enveloped was pushed and the gross out humor was there. If you're into these type of films, its just another one. Get on the boat, because we're going to get these films on a regular basis. Blame the Farrelly Brothers for making this genre so successful and even back to the 1970s with Animal House.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zhong Guo Box Office - March 10, 2013 - 中国票房榜

Zhong Guo Box Office - Week Ending: March 10, 2013

Weekend of March 10, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 西游: 降魔篇 (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)
2 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (霍比特人1:意外旅程)
3 逆世界 (Upside Down)
4 笑功震武林 (Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters)
5 Les Miserables (悲惨世界)
6 Stolen (劫案迷云)
7 Dredd (特警判官)
8 爱神 (Fall In Love)
9 101次求婚 (Say Yes)
10 The Iron Lady (铁娘子:坚固柔情)

Source: Ent Group - retrieved March 12, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

American Reunion - 美國派:高潮再起

American Reunion (American Pie: Reunion/美國派:高潮再起) is an 2012 film. The film stars Jason Biggs and his extend friends and family. The supporting cast include Alyson Hannigan, Seann William, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Eddie Kaye Thomas, John Cho, Jennifer Coolidge, Eugene Levy, Dania Ramirez, and Ali Cobrin. Cameos from previous American Pie movies include Natasha Lyonne, Shannon Elizabeth, and Chris Owen. As you can tell, when this film is described as an ensemble cast, they were not missing around.

Back to their home town for their high school reunion, the four main guys of the first movie are Jim, Oz, Kevin, and Finch. Jim is now married to Michelle and they have a son. Oz is a third tier celebrity sportscaster. Kevin is a homemaker. Finch is still mystery! They bump into Stifler at a bar and the trouble begins. As you can tell, this movie doesn't stray from the winning formula of the previous movies, Jim is at the heart of the story and makes questionable decisions that lead to all sorts of hijinx. Some subplots all revolve around their old flames and current "stuck" life.

This movie was the most calm of the main series. Some gross out humor is unavoidable when it comes to Jim and Stifler, but that's to be expected. It's a nice look at a franchise that never produced any superstars, but still rings a bell for those that remember the originals premiere in 1999. Although I am older than the people in the film, the life stage they are in isn't foreign to me. But is also very unlike "This Is 40". If you're a fan of the main American Pie series, you'll want to catch this one.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Taiwan Box Office - March 10, 2013 - 台灣票房榜

Weekend of March 10, 2013
Rank Film Title Weeks
1 Jack the Giant Slayer (傑克:巨人戰紀) 2
2 Mama (母侵) 1
3 Silver Linings Playbook (派特的幸福劇本) 3
4 Warm Bodies (殭屍哪有這麼帥) 2
5 悲慘世界 (Les Miserables) 4
6 大尾鱸鰻 (David Loman) 5
7 少年Pi的奇幻漂流 (Life of Pi) 15
8 Django Unchained (決殺令) 2
9 天后之戰 (Faithball) 3
10 阿嬤的夢中情人 (Forever Love) 2
11 獵人劇場版-緋色幻影 (Hunter x Hunter The Movie: Phantom Rouge) 1
12 Amour (愛 慕) 1
13 Lincoln (林肯) 3
14 Fly Me To The Moon (真愛找冤家) 1
15 終極警探:跨國救援 (A Good Day To Die Hard) 4
16 Flight (機密真相) 3
17 志氣 (Step Back To Glory) 4
18 The Impossible (浩劫奇蹟) 6
19 Bekas (美國超人夢) 1
20 No 2

Source: Yahoo! Movies Taiwan - retrieved March 11, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Iron Man 3 - 鋼鐵人3 - Upcoming

Iron Man 3 (鋼鐵人3) is set for international release on April 25. It'll land in the US of A on May 3rd! I can't wait. I've been an Iron Man fanboy since, well, I was a wee lad. I remember the concept of a man who creates his own suit of armor to be a super hero to be completely fascinating. I reminded me of the Japanese manga my older siblings owned, like Gundam and Mazinger Z.

However, as I got older and more mature, the origin of Iron Man was a bit of a turn off. Trapped in Southeast Asia, he's helped by Ho Chin to build his armor and survive. The archenemy was a funmanchu yellow peril caricature named Mandarin. And in general, the Iron Man series has had its share of "Asian" topics that are borderline or blatantly racist.

So, why stay an Iron Man fan? Because the essence of Tony Stark and Iron Man is what draws me. NOT the mandarin story lines that perpetuate negative fumanchu stereotypes.

As the release date approaches, the build up to the release is hitting fever pitch. The Iron Man 3 action figures have already been at Target for the past month.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Project X - 派對X計劃

Project X (派對X計劃) is an 2012 film. The movie Thomas Mann and Oliver Cooper. The supporting cast include Jonathan Daniel Brown, Kirby Bliss Blanton, and Alexis Knapp. The movie uses a mix of found footage style to tell the story.

Thomas Mann and Jonathan Daniel Brown play Thomas Kub and Costa. Kub's birthday is coming and his parents are heading out for the weekend. Costa is dead set to be popular and sets out to throw his boy Kub the ultimate birthday party. The build up starts with their friend JB filming them. We see Costa convincing Kub to throw the party when his parents are out. Costa than pimps the party to anyone within shouting range of him. Even at the supermarket, everywhere. Kub only wants the party in the backyard and security is hired. As day becomes night, no one shows for the party. But suddenly, the whole town of Pasadena descend on the Kub residence. The party grows and grows, becoming so epic that its "news" worldwide.

This movie was quite hard to watch. I didn't grow up in simi-nearby Pasadena so I can't say for certain how things are there. But people of SoCal goto Pasadena to shop and eat, its an destination town even though its inland from the beach. The party itself was unbelievable. The things people do to get to their party on was quite exaggerated. The complete lack of respect for property is hard to watch. I will not be a repeat watcher. Prolly has something to do with my age.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hong Kong Box Office - March 3, 2013 - 香港票房榜

Hong Kong Box Office - Week Ending: March 3, 2013

Weekend of March 3, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 Jack the Giant Slayer (傑克:巨魔獵人)
2 Silver Linings Playbook (失戀自作業)
3 Lincoln (林肯)
4 Warm Bodies (熱血喪男)
5 西遊:降魔篇 (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)
6 Zero Dark Thirty (追擊拉登行動)
7 百星酒店 (Hotel Deluxe)
8 Stoker (私房嚇)
9 寶島雙雄 (Double Trouble)
10 Life Of Pi (少年PI的奇幻漂流)

Source: Box Office Mojo and WMOOV - retrieved March 5, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - 惡靈戰警:復仇時刻

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (惡靈戰警:復仇時刻) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Nicholas Cage. The supporting cast include Violante Placido, Johnny Whitworth, and Fergus Riordan. The movie is primarily based in Europe.

Based eight years after the events of the first Ghost Rider movie, Johnny Blaze is now in Europe. Blaze is approached to guard an boy that is of special interest to Roarke, the demon that Blaze made a deal with. In the event to help protect this boy, the Ghost Rider takes out many a bad guys. However, Roarke gives special powers to another who becomes Blackout and they chase eat other and the boy trust is wishy washy at best with the mother's involvement. There's a big climatic battle at the end!

This movie is not good. But it is enjoyable fantasy based comic book movie. Lots of special effects and a protect the chosen one concept. If you liked the first one, this one was twice what the first movie was in terms of CG and explosions. Yes, lots of guns and explosions.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zhong Guo Box Office - March 3, 2013 - 中国票房榜

Zhong Guo Box Office - Week Ending: March 3, 2013

Weekend of March 3, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 西游: 降魔篇 (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)
2 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (霍比特人1:意外旅程)
3 Les Miserables (悲惨世界)
4 101次求婚 (Say Yes)
5 Stolen (劫案迷云)
6 Dredd (特警判官)
7 Jack Reacher (侠探杰克)
8 Lift To Hell (电梯惊魂)
9 Midnight Microblog (午夜微博)
10 Happy Life Of YangGuang (杨光的快乐生活)

Source: Ent Group - retrieved March 5, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Vow - 愛 重來

The Vow (愛‧重來) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. The film was loosely based on a true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, whom are still together as of this post.

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, as Leo and Paige, are too bohemian type individuals that love each other dearly. They have lots of adventures together and with their friends. Months after they get married in a very unique way, they are in a terrible car accident. One that leaves the both of them in bad shape. Leo is not as severely injured and wakes up first. Paige on the other hand, sustained more injuries, but now has no memory pass her second year in college. Leo however does not give up on her and tries to with al his being to have Paige remember and love him back. Will Paige be able to fall in love with Leo again?

I watched this sappy movie with my wife last year and we both thought it was a well made film. The movie had many positive parts to it, like the beginning and the ending. However, all the stuff in the middle was hard to watch. I was thinking the whole time, there better be a great payoff ending! It wasn't, but it was good enough for a date movie. Which was what this film is. Guys, watch it with your gals and cuddle up. Gals, if yo guy don't watch this with you, making a vow may be well off into the future. Maybe.

Tatum and McAdams fans shouldn't miss this film as it highlights both of their unique acting chops.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Taiwan Box Office - March 3, 2013 - 台灣票房榜

Weekend of March 3, 2013
Rank Film Title Weeks
1 Jack the Giant Slayer (傑克:巨人戰紀) 1
2 Warm Bodies (殭屍哪有這麼帥) 1
3 Silver Linings Playbook (派特的幸福劇本) 2
4 悲慘世界 (Les Miserables) 3
5 大尾鱸鰻 (David Loman) 4
6 少年Pi的奇幻漂流 (Life of Pi) 14
7 天后之戰 (Faithball) 2
8 Django Unchained (決殺令) 1
9 阿嬤的夢中情人 (Forever Love) 1
10 Lincoln (林肯) 2
11 Flight (機密真相) 2
12 終極警探:跨國救援 (A Good Day To Die Hard) 3
13 西遊:降魔篇 (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons) 3
14 志氣 (Step Back To Glory) 3
15 尖叫旅社 (Hotel Transylvania) 3
16 The Impossible (浩劫奇蹟) 5
17 Argo (亞果出任務) 9
18 No 1
19 Rust and Bone (烈愛重生) 2
20 我不窮,我只是沒錢香蕉傳奇 (A Story About Banana) 2

Source: Yahoo! Movies Taiwan - retrieved March 4, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hong Kong Box Office - February 24, 2013 - 香港票房榜

Hong Kong Box Office - Week Ending: February 24, 2013

Weekend of February 24, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 Warm Bodies (熱血喪男)
2 西遊:降魔篇 (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)
3 Lincoln (林肯)
4 百星酒店 (Hotel Deluxe)
5 A Good Day to Die Hard (虎膽龍威:擇日開戰)
6 Movie 43 (喪星玩轉荷里活)
7 Flight (機密真相)
8 Zero Dark Thirty (追擊拉登行動)
9 2013我愛HK 恭囍發財 (I Love Hong Kong 2013)
10 Soi Yat Hei (在一起/Together)

Source: Box Office Mojo and WMOOV - retrieved February 25, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Zhong Guo Box Office - February 24, 2013 - 中国票房榜

Zhong Guo Box Office - Week Ending: February 24, 2013

Weekend of February 24, 2013
Rank Film Title
1 西游: 降魔篇 (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)
2 霍比特人1:意外旅程 (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey)
3 101次求婚 (Say Yes)
4 Jack Reacher (侠探杰克)
5 电梯惊魂 (Lift to Hell)
6 云图 (Cloud Atlas)
7 在一起 (Together)
8 洛克王国2圣龙的心愿 (Roco Kingdom: The Desire Of Dragon)
9 喜羊羊与灰太狼之喜气羊羊过蛇年 (The Mythical Ark: Adventures in Love & Happiness)
10 百星酒店 (Hotel Deluxe)

Source: Ent Group - retrieved February 25, 2013