Monday, October 31, 2011

A Moment Of Romance - 天若有情

A Moment Of Romance (天若有情) is an 1990 film out of Hong Kong. The movie stars Andy Lau and Jacklyn Wu. The supporting cast includes Ng Man-tat and Tommy Wong. I had this film in my Top 20 Hong Kong Films of the 1990s.

Andy Lau plays Wah Dee, a triad gang banger that's bad@$$. His "die lo" loans him to another "die lo" from the same gang to be a get away driver for a jewelry store heist. During the heist, he inadvertently takes JoJo, played by Jacklyn Wu. At the drop off sight, Wah Dee tells JoJo to lay low. However, she's spotted and becomes a target. From that point on, they go their separate ways. Jojo however ends up being the only eye-witness and gets targeted for elimination. Wah Dee now has to protect her.

This movie deserves its place among one of the best films out of Hong Kong for the 1990s. HK Triads? Check! Sacrificial romance? Check! Disapproving parents? Check! Classic HK tragic ending? Check! Around this time, Andy Lau was a bonafide TV star that made the transition to the big screen. Already a superstar on the big screen, this was one of his most successful movies.

Friday, October 28, 2011

燃燒吧!歐吉桑 - War Game 229 - Upcoming

燃燒吧!歐吉桑 (War Game 229) is being release in Taipei as I write. The movie is based in the Kaohsiung (高雄) area of Taiwan. The movie follows old military ppl vs. new kids looking to take over their turf. Turf war movie. Guns a blazing, I am looking forward to this movie. I have a strong feeling I'll have a hard time finding it on DVD in the LA area.