Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Revenant - 神鬼獵人 - 復仇勇者

The Revenant (神鬼獵人) is an 2015 film. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio. The supporting cast include Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, and Forrest Goodluck. The movie is based loosely on the life of Hugh Glass from 1823.

DiCaprio plays Glass, a hired hand to American pelt traders. When attacked by Arikara, Glass escapes with his son Hawk, the captain and other men, include Fitzgerald. While scouting a route back to camp, he's mauled by a bear, but survives. When the rest of the troupe find him, they save him and take him on a gurney with them. But as the route gets more and more steep, the men complain. The captain pays 3 men to stay behind and watch Glass.

That's about as far of the story I was aware of prior to watching the movie. I know that Leo got some awards. If you know me, I care not for any awards being handed out. But I was interested in the movie nonetheless. The movie told a harrowing story of a man that defied death. Which is inspiring. But the flip side of it is the horrors of the old frontier, where it included some killed or be killed situations. The movie doesn't shy away from depicting what could have really happened. In all, I enjoyed it the film, but its unlikely I'll ever watch it again, even when it's being shown on cable.

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