Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dracula Untold - 德古拉:永咒傳奇

Dracula Untold (德古拉:永咒傳奇) is an 2014 film. The film stars Luke Evans with support from Sarah Gadon. The movie is an re-imagining of Vlad the Impaler's origins.

Luke Evans plays Vlad the Impaler, a prince of Transylvania. The Ottoman empire controls the region while planning to conquer Europe. When the Sultan asks for 1,000 boys to add to his Janissary corp, including his son, Vlad is forced to make hard decisions. Vlad just had a run in with a vampire in the mountains and seeks his power to defeat the oncoming troops. When drinking of the vampire, he has 3 days time to reject blood, but getting all the benefits of vampire power. Vlad starts to win the battles and the Ottoman empire start to retreat, but not before he has to make a decision.

This movie was dark fantasy drama. Taking a "realistic" view of the Dracula and the vampire genre. The world at the time didn't seem to dispute that there are vampires, but accepted it. Luke Evan's battle between good, family, price of a nation, and evil is on full display. This was no "I want to suck your blood" movie. This was a modern take on "monsters" and their unlikely path to being "evil". Seems like Vlad had no choice.

In the middle on recommending this movie. It wasn't all that action packed in the sense of a good fight, but there were plenty of battles. It was in an era that I like to see movies from, the middle ages. And Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon made it very easy to keep your eyes on the screen.

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