Tuesday, August 30, 2011

那些年,我們一起追的女孩 - You're The Apple Of My Eye - Upcoming

那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (You're The Apple Of My Eye) was released in Taipei last week. Jiubadao’s (九把刀 or “Nine Knives”) is whom this movie is based on and it entails a coming of age story set in Jibbadao's past. From what I can gleam from the clips and trailer released, this movie takes story telling into the bedroom of an adolescent boy's mind and spills outward. Commonplace for cinemas here in the US, a la American Pie and its rip offs, its finally made its way to good ol' Taipei.

I am a fan of Michelle Chen and would watch this movie for her even if it suck "balls". Ha, get it? ;-) However, the rest of the cast from the trailer leave much to be desired. As does the storyline. At my age, its annoying to watch "boys" find themselves, figuratively and literally for this film.

It's already broken major record records in Taipei at the box office. Good for them. On this end, I am looking forward to it, but in a much more subdued way.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roomie - Upcoming

I recently saw a dance routine posted by the DanceSoul folks for a new gurl band called Roomie to their song So Long.

I initially thought that the gurls were performers from the studio. However, after viewing a live performance video, the dancers were the gals from Roomie. My favorites from the group are 凱悌 (Katie),貝貝 (Baebae), and 安柏兒 (Amber). The song itself isn't very interesting, but it did grow on me. I would buy their CD when it comes out based on this song alone.

This group is put out by the Avex promotion and they have a lot of influence from JPop and KPop. Hope they have at least a year or two shelf life as a group. In the meantime, check out their over the top pop infused happiness.

Friday, August 12, 2011

翻滾吧! 阿信 - Jump Ashin! - Upcoming

翻滾吧! 阿信 (Jump Ashin!) is being released in Taipei today! The movie stars Eddie Peng, Lin Zaizai and Lawrence Ko. The movie is the product of Lin Yu-hsien, whom also worked with Eddie on Exit No. 6 a few years back.

The movie is mainly the story of Ashin, played by Eddie Peng. Ashin is a gymnast in his hometown of Yilan. Not having much success, Ashin gives up gymnastics and starts to get into trouble. So much trouble that he flees to Taipei. However, the troubles follow and Ashin heads back home determined to put gymnastics number one.

Seems like a very compelling story and I am a big fan of mista Peng so I am on board. I wonder when I'll be able to get my hands on a Blu-ray version here in Los Angeles. Who knows, but I look forward to watching this film.