Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lakers Start 2008-2009 Campaign

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I've been watching the Lakers as far back as I can remember. I remember growing up on Magic and Kareem. Now its the Kobe era and the basketball is finally getting back to its championship form. The defense is awesome.

The Lakers are 2-0 after dispatching 2 teams with "potential".

Here in LA, the Clippers and Lakers had their own broadcast on. Its funny on the Clippers broadcasters have to pump up the Clips even when they are terrible.

I do hope for a repeat of last year, but not the end result. I hope for another banner at Staples. I'll be back there someday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tonights Bedtime Story - Chinese Lessons

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My daughter had way too much energy today and it was getting late. So I busted out my Chinese book and started reading it to her. She was interactive with me to about lesson 15 or so. I think she fell asleep around 25 or so. I read it all the way to lesson 40.

It was fun. considering there are 125 lessons, I haven't reached my goal I set back in 2006.

On a side note. I watched the Lakers live online today! Amazing! I don't have cable so I normally have to wait for local highlights. Not today, I watched via TNT/Yahoo! Sports

Monday, October 27, 2008

My beloved 1994 Accord

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I had to part ways with my 1994 Honda Accord, 20+ odd days ago.

I had that car from October 1994 to October 2008. 5 days short of 14 years!

I drove is for 248K too. The past 4 years, I didn't put as much mileage as I did the first few years. I was mainly commuting around my residence.

But since I got my new sweet ride, a 2008 Honda Odyssey, there was no room on the driveway for my baby. It had to go. I listed it on Criag's list 3 times before i got serious inquiries. I brought the price down each time of course. That's the main reason.

I didn't take many pictures of it. But I had a co-worker do me a favor and take some sweet shots of my ride of 14 years. In all its last glory, it is presented here. The new owner will undoubtedly take care of it. I saw the car 36 hours after sale and it was already upgraded! More than I ever did for it during my 14 years of ownership.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jay Chou Does Magic

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Jay Chou appeared on a popular Taiwan variety show, 康熙来了, a couple of days ago and did quite a few magic tricks. I was impressed at the passion he had for it. It was refreshing to see this 天王 in such childish a manor.

Here's all 5 parts of the show put together for 50 minutes of fun watching.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Chinese Studies 認命

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I have to start studying my chinese again. My daughter is getting to that stage where we'll have to think about Chinese school soon.

In the Heights area of the Greater LA area, there are plenty to choose from. A far cry from the choices I had in the 80s. Where 2 schools dominated and prices were steep.

I still haven't figured out the pin ying and zhu ying fu hao yet. Has Taiwan converted to Pin Ying and no longer on wade giles? So, does that mean no more Hsu's, Tsao, etc?

In any case, recognizing characters is the better way to go. But its a daunting tasks as practical use of it will be 1% here in the US.

I think I am fighting a losing battle. Both for me and my daughter. There's a saying in Chinese (認命). I must accept eventually.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

BOTY 2008 - Formosa

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BOTY 2008 just concluded over the weekend and the winner was Top 9 from Russia. What really surprised me was the 3rd place finish of the Taiwan crew Formosa.

This is the highest a crew from Taiwan has been. Its commonplace for crews from Korea and Japan to place in the top. Nice job!

Check out the youtube videos.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

周杰倫 - Jay Chou - Capricorn

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I picked up 周杰倫's new CD today. I've been listening to it most of the night. Its pretty amazing. Jay keeps to his strengths but always manages to explore sounds and realms. I am highly impressed.

We're fortunate to have an artist that transcends the realm of mediocrity on a regular basis. But this artist also dives into Movies as well. Jay's forays in film have been bad, good, and great. Let's just hope he keeps at it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Iron Man - The Movie - 鋼鐵人

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Iron Man is my favorite comic book character. I remember being very excited about the movie coming out back in May. The past few Marvel movies, I've been able to see it on the premiere night or weekend. But I was vacationing in Hawaii. So I had to settle with seeing it on its 10th day of release.

I really didn't know what to expect. The clips from youtube did reveal a lot, but there wasn't a story to piece together. I was very happy they decided against using Mandarin. I'll have to get pissed in 2 or 3 now. "Ten Rings" is a BIG sign of what's to come. Tony having a drink in his hand most of the time before his injury is also played to maximum effect. As well as his bar activities at the Walt Disney concert hall.

So, I think it was an amazing film. I want to congratulate all the parties that had its hand in creating a truly great movie.

2 weeks ago, the DVD for it came out. Its packed with some 4 hours of extras. There are a lot different type of things presented. I really liked it. Makes you want to get into the industry.

I am sad that TDK made more $$ than Iron Man. Because it would've been nice to have Iron Man as the #1. Had a nice ring for 10 weeks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Legend of Bruce Lee - 李小龍傳奇 - Upcoming

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A 50 episode drama about the life of Bruce Lee is around the corner. You can see plenty of clips and trailers on YouTube. Called "The Legend of Bruce Lee - (李小龍傳奇)".

It covers Bruce's teenage years to his death at age 32.

Seems that they've brought in quite the non Chinese cast for the making of this drama. As Bruce spent a lot of the second half of his life in the US.

Its a drama man. The facts will be made for TV and you'll see him as an ultimate Chinese hero.


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700 billion. How about giving everyone in the US a million? We'll make the economy better right away. The $$ still goes to the wealthy. And the beat goes on.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fantasy Sports

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I've been asked to join fantasy baseball, football and basketball. It was really fun back in the 90s where we rotated weeks and entered stats in via the box scores from the LA Times. There were errors, but it was fun!

Now, with all the fantasy services out there, its pretty amazing. You really just sit back now and pick your guy.

Of course there's a science to it and some guys are better than others. A little luck comes into play because of player injuries and so forth.

But fast forward 13-14 years, I don't have any passion to play any of it anymore. The main reason is that I don't have any time to research and keep up with who's hot, who's injured, who's normally playing bad or well, etc. It's just too much to do with juggling being a responsible husband and father.

Its already super tough to being a responsible family man. Being a fantasy super star no longer suits the over the hill guy.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ashes of Time and Redux - 東邪西毒

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Back in the 90s, I had rented the bootleg of "Ashes of Time" from a local chinese video store. At the time, I wasn't all that familiar with who directors were and mainly followed stars.

Ashes of Time had a lot of stars. It's actually based on the Greats of the Condor Heroes book by Jin Yong. But the story is simi based in reality. They're not so invincible like they are in the book. And they're physical limitation are explored and exploited.

So, having been a fan of all things Jin Yong (at least from the drama stand point, I haven't read his books), I was super confused at the story and was quite disappointed in the fighting.

After my first watch, I thought the movie was well made, but the topics explored were no relevent to me and the fighting kinda sucked.

I ended up picking it up again on VHS again in the late 90s. Man was I disappointed, it was in Cantonese. I didn't finish it. I liked chinese movies dubbed into Mandarin.

So, I haven't had a good experience with Ashes yet.

Redux is newly remastered and restored. I hear its also tweaked a little. I've seen the trailer and its in Cantonese. I'll have to wait for the Taiwan or China version to see it again.

I hear its one of Wong Kar-wai's better films. If it's anything like Chungking Express or In the Mood for Love, I will like. I just can't really remember it much.

It's playing at a handful of theathres here in greater LA area. In Irvine and on Sunset.

I have the soundtrack from the original movie and had it on quite often when I had to study for finals or mid terms.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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I didn't know that Polydactyly was so common. Polydactyly is commonly known as having six fingers or toes.

I came about it with the recent revelation that the upcoming bond gurl Gemma Arterton is Polydactyly.

I would think having a sixth digit would get in the way of things.

Maybe palming a basketball would be easier.

Would you play tennis better?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sign of the Apocalypse

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Sign of the Apocalypse. Beverly Hills Chihuahua earned 29 million this weekend and ranked first!

I have a feeling that it'll be hitting #1 in HK, Korea, and Japan pretty soon.

Can I move to mars now?

The chihuahua invasion is coming.

Angels lose - Very sad

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Angels lose to Boston again. Guess it wasn't just Manny.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dodgers - 20 Year Drought over!

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Dodger blue hasn't felt this good since, well, 1988! The last year the Dodgers have won a playoff series. They will meet the Phillies next.

I can remember growing up loving everything about the dodgers. Ron Cey, Tommy Lasorda, Stever Garvery. There are so many more to mention. Orel's scoreless streak and the World Series win in 1988 against the much hyped A's.

I remember the 9th inning Home Run by Gibson like it was yesterday. It was the same kind of feeling when the Lakers came back on Portland in Game 7 of the 2000 playoffs.

I was hoping for a freeway series (both teams can technically be reached via the I-5) with the Angels. That's not looking so good now.

Go Dodgers!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Metallica - Death Magnetic

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I picked up Metallica's latest CD Death Magnetic this week. I had heard three or four songs from it last week on XM's Mandatory Matallica. That channel isn't on air anymore.

Growing up in the 80s, it was very hard to avoid "Heavy Metal" music. From Twisted Sister to Ratt, it was the 80s version of coming of age in terms of rebellion. Grunge and hip hop carried on that tradition in the 90s and 00s.

However, thrash metal or speed metal was like the alternative. I remember seeing the video for "One" back in the day. I promptly looked to see if my older brother had the LP of "…And Justice for All". He did and I also got really into Master of Puppets.

Part of what I like about both were the long instrumentals. The long songs that just thrashed and had a lot of aggression. I was just entering Junior High and eventually High School. The music was very appropriate for the mind set I had that time. I've since mellowed way down. If I had a number for angst of my teenage years, its negative numbers in my 30s. Well, the angst is totally different now.

With Death Magnetic, I feel that they've gotten back to some of that. I was in unusually long commutes with it on this week and a lot of it was just them thrashing. No gimmicks, no "poppy" tunes, not symphony. Just thrashing. I enjoyed it.

If you got on board Metallica with the black album, you might like this. But if you were onboard with One and Master, this is a welcome return to their mid 80s sound.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

DVD - The Special or Bonus Features

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DVDs, I love them. In the past few years, the special features and bonus features on DVDs are getting more and more impressive.

You'd think you're only sitting down to watch a movie right? Wrong, you spend another hour just watching all the special features.

I always like the "Makeof..." segments.

Others include the if they were are a convention, interviewing the stars.

I also end up watching a lot of the previews, especially if they are a related genre or filmmaker.

So, its more than going to the movies.

I just saw the blue-ray Iron Man release at a Best Buy in HD. Amazing. I want a HD setup now. My 14 year old 50 inch is looking like its from the 40s.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Never Back Down

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Just watched "Never Back Down" tonight while washing 2 nights of dishes. Sorry, I didn't clean up last night.

It was quite enjoyable. The story was a little immature, but its justifiable because the main characters are in High School still.

Stuff like this wouldn't happen in College. Unless you watch van wilder or accepted. Where "pride" and "honor" is important.

In this case, you gotta fight to stop fighting because you fought once before. Makes sense I guess, if you like to fight!

Good fighting for the most part. Reminds of the old kung fu revenge movies. Although this storyline isn't about revenge, it can play to that aspect.

I rented it, you can too.