Tuesday, March 10, 2009

囧男孩 - Orz Boyz

冏男孩 (Orz Boyz) is a 2008 film out of Taiwan about 2 boys. These two boys are not your normal boys. They are troublemakers and come from broken homes.

The movie follows what seems like a 2 week period in the lives of 2 trouble making elementary school level kids. If I were to guess, they were roughly 10-12 years old. These 2 kids make so much trouble at school, they are labeled troublemaker #1 and #2. The kids call them by their number instead of their names. Its not just school that they make trouble at. Its at their home and neighborhood. But there's a reason to all the trouble they make. They're 2 boys disparately looking for direction, but their homes cannot provide. The 2 boys come from broken homes that reveal a little about why they choose to act out the way they do.

I'll be honest, I was quite annoyed watching this film. I probably would've stopped it half way through, but I was watching it with my wife, so I watched it all. Also, the hype surrounding it in the latter half of 2008 was undeniable. Along with Cape No. 7, Orz Boyz was a statement that Taiwanese films are good and that the rest of Asia should recognize! Ok, with that said, the hype was hype for me and I was let down. I didn't like watching 2 annoying elementary level kids terrorize everyone in their path. Yes, yes, they showed their homes and how messed it is. These boys have crazy imaginations, etc. But I still didn't like them. They didn't grow on me. You might want to check out lovehkfilm's review as it was quite positive as well as a newspapers in Taiwan, The China Post and Taipei Times.

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