Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Hidden Blade - 隱劍鬼爪

The Hidden Blade (隱劍鬼爪) is a 2004 film about a samurai that isn't what you would expect. A samurai that is willing to break the rules in order to see someone happy.

The Hidden Blade is director Yoji Yamada's follow up to his other masterful petty samurai film, The Twilight Samurai.

Gone are the slashing and massive killing sprees of other Samurai films. This is about normal day samurai life and the politics of navigation through traditional mores and choosing to break those.

If you're looking for a samurai film like Zatoichi or Yojimbo, look elsewhere. I picked this up at Blockbuster back in the day, but you can get it via Amazon or Netflix.

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