Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Twilight Samurai - 黃昏清兵衛

The Twilight Samurai (黃昏清兵衛) is a 2002 film out of Japan starring Hiroyuki Sanada and Rie Miyazawa.

Unlike samurai films where the samurai chops, slices, and dices all in his path, this is the story of a widowed Samurai in 19th century Japan. A samurai of less means and a dedicated father and son. The movie explores what its about to live for your family as a Samurai.

I was both touched and moved by this tale of a petty samurai, like I was with Aaron Kwok's "The Bare-Footed Kid". The dedication to bringing up two daughters and take care of his mother is more important than his looks or the social acceptance of his peers.

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