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2014 United States Of America Box Office Report - Top 10 Grossing Films Of 2014

2014 United States Box Office Top 10

* Still Showing
1* Guardians Of The Galaxy (星際異攻隊/銀河守護隊)
US - ~$330 Million
Worldwide - ~$768 Million
2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 美國隊長2:酷寒戰士 - 美國隊長2 - 美國隊長2:冬日戰士
US - ~$260 Million
Worldwide - ~$714 Million
3 The Lego Movie (樂高玩電影)
US - ~$258 Million
Worldwide - ~$468 Million
4 Transformers: Age Of Extinction (變形金剛4:絕跡重生)
US - ~$245 Million
Worldwide - ~$1,087 Million
5* Maleficent (黑魔女:沉睡魔咒)
US - ~$241 Million
Worldwide - ~$758 Million
6 X-Men: Days Of Future Past (X戰警:未來昔日)
US - ~$234 Million
Worldwide - ~$746 Million
7* Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (猩球崛起:黎明的進擊)
US - ~$209 Million
Worldwide - ~$708 Million
8 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (蜘蛛人驚奇再起2:電光之戰)
US - ~$203 Million
Worldwide - ~$709 Million
9 Godzilla (哥吉拉)
US - ~$201 Million
Worldwide - ~$525 Million
10* 22 Jump Street (龍虎少年隊:童顏巨捕)
US - ~$192 Million
Worldwide - ~$331 Million

The 2014 movie season is down dollar-wise versus 2013. The two movies sitting pretty atop the heap are Marvel films. I love comics and grew up on them. Iron Man being my favorite all time. The last fifteen years in comics has been pretty rough for Iron Man. But that's for another time. The current #8 is Spider-Man, another Marvel creation. A bit further up at #6 are the X-Men, another staple of Marveldom. The success of Marvel's properties in movies is undeniable that they announced 9 more films until 2019. Upping the total Marvel films to 3 per year in 2017 and 2018. Looking at the top ten, none are surprises outside of Guardians and maybe the Lego Movie. I wish BOM had a projected vs actual chart.

The rest of 2014 will shake out like expected. The next installment of The Hunger Games will most likely take the #1 spot by years end. Interstellar and the last Hobbit film will make a run into the $200+ million range. I think the Big Hero 6 might gain some traction and end close to $300 million. I've already taken my kids and the theatre I was at was popping. Most likely resulting in good word of mouth.

Another possible breakout are Exodus. The trailer might be tempting to those that grew up watching Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner go at it every Easter.

Source: Box Office Mojo - retrieved November 12, 2014

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