Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lakers Get First Win Behind Jeremy Lin

The Los Angeles Lakers finally got their first win of the season. They are not going 0-82 now. It's probable to got 1-81 now. Can they beat the 2012 Charlette Bobcats 7-59 or the 2010 New Jersey Net's 12-70 mark. Time will tell.

As the graphic above puts it so aptly, Jeremy Lin has his best statistically awesome game of his young Lakers career. A very nice 2nd half after faltering a little down the stretch in the 1st half. 12 points in the 3rd to get the Lakers a lead and long 3 towards the end of the 4th that could have been the dagger.

Kobe slowed down to shoot 20 shots and making 7 in 34 minutes of play. Four starters including Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer also ended the game with double figure scoring. The old adage in basketball is "score more than the opponents to win". The Lakers finally did it this game.

The defense of the Lakers was the star. The Hornets were not good from the outside and it showed. The Lakers did what all the others teams have done for them, pack the paint and wait. Load up and eventually the offense will come to a halt. The Hornets attacked and attacked and in the 2nd half, they were not as successful and the Lakers took a double digit lead for good.

Jeremy Lin's post game and after practice interview is pretty telling. Jeremy Lin is saying he's playing the same. If you want to break things down, the Lakers are scoring and the defense has been the problem. In games against the Warriors and Suns recently, the defense was unable to hold opponents down. The Lakers have faced 4 of the top offenses in the league.

They head to Memphis, a team that wants to hold you to 88-89 points and score 93-94 points. Let's see if their offense is good enough to muster that or if their defense can keep Memphis from breaking out.

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