Monday, November 1, 2010

Amazing Race 17 - Leg 6

I caught the sixth episode of the Amazing Race 17 last night. The teams had to make it via train to an airport from Norway that took them to St. Petersburg. The teams were presented a detour of music or movies. From there they moved to a field to plant some potatoes. They would finish the race at a field.

Michael and KevJumba would finish ... 3rd! So close to be first though. It's funny that they highlighted an idea from Michael being rejected as the reason they were not first. Maybe they could have been first or was it a little bit of TV magic. Well, they are still in the race!

Nat and Kat had a little luck on their side and made it to the finish line in ... 4th! No bad taxis or wrong directions. Just a little hiccup at the detour challenge. But a lot of luck too.

Gary and Mallory had a little bit of trouble this week and took a step back into 2nd last. Luckily, no one was eliminated.

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