Friday, February 20, 2015

Hong Kong Box Office - February 15, 2015 - 香港票房榜

Hong Kong Box Office - Week Ending: February 15, 2015

As of this writing, Box Office Mojo and EntGroup have not released the numbers for the Hong Kong Box Office for this weekend. Trying, which is a weekly report vs. weekend report.

Weekend of February 15, 2015
Rank Film Title
1 Kingsman: The Secret Service (皇家特工:間諜密令)
2 Fifty Shades of Grey (格雷的五十道色戒)
3 Stand By Me: 多啦A夢 (Stand By Me: Doraemon)
4 Jupiter Ascending (木昇戰紀)
5 Penguins Of Madagascar (荒失失企鵝)
6 鴨王 (The Gigolo)
7 American Sniper (美國狙擊手)
8 Wild (狂野行)
9 寄生獸 (Parasyte)
10 Still Alice (永遠的愛麗絲)

Source: HKFlimArt and WMOOV - retrieved February 17, 2015

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