Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service - 金牌特務

Kingsman: The Secret Service (金牌特務) is an 2015 film. The movie stars Colin Firth and Taron Egerton. The supporting cast include Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, Michael Caine, Sophie Cookson, and Sofia Boutella. The movie is loosely based on a comic book called The Secret Service.

The Kingsman are a secret agency based out of the UK. Colin Firth plays Harry "Galahad" Hart, a long time agent. Taron plays Eggsy, the son of a recruit who sacrifice himself to save others. Harry leaves Eggsy with momento. Years later, a Kingsman, Lancelot, is killed in the line of duty and they have to replace him. The search is on. Eggsy is recruited by Harry to try out for the agency. Along the way, the rest of the Kingsman try to find out how and who killed Lancelot. That leads them to billionaire philanthropist turned criminal mastermind, Richmond Valentine, played by Jackson. Valentine has a devious plan to destroy the world. The Kingsman try to stop it.

I can see why this film has maintained great traction in oversea box offices. Even into April, this film is still in the top movies in Asia. This movie is parts of a lot of things. I knows that James Bond is the quintessential spy character. I also knows that the today's age is different than that of the 1960s. And it also wants to be part of the new breed of action films that take action and gun play into an art form. With all those elements put together, I would says that it's trying to invent its own spy brand.

If you like slick action with modern action and a new take on the spy genre, you'll like this film. I did and I am glad I watched it.

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