Sunday, April 3, 2016

All For The Winner - 賭聖

All For The Winner (賭聖) is an 1990 film out of Hong Kong. The movie stars Stephen Chow. The supporting cast include Ng Man-tat, Sharla Cheung, and Sandra Ng.

Chow plays Sing, a mainland farmer comes to Hong Kong to visit his uncle. They quickly find out that he can see through objects and change cards by rubbing them in between his hands. The uncle eventually takes advantage of this to get rich. Sing has a run in the Dream and falls for her. Sing will now do anything for her. Eventually finding himself at the big tournament to play for the grand prize.

This movie is classic. I can't help but say classic. I didn't initially watch this movie as it came out in 1990. But most likely watch it between 1992-1994. Those were the years I binged watched years of HK films I didn't get a chance to watch. Catching up to now. Back in the day, video stores would have the VHS tapes in the back section. I found one that essentially let me rent them for $1.50 at the membership price. Those were the years. I remember this film vividly because of his special powers.

If you're a classic HK movie fan from the 90s, you'll love this one. If you're a fan of Chow in general, he's just starting to get his footing to becoming the most influential HK comedian movie maker. Its a good mix, still classic HK, but before Chow gets free reign.

I don't have a youtube link to the trailer because I could only find the full movie online. I don't fill comfortable promoting those. Go get it from Amazon from the links below.

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