Friday, April 3, 2009

痞子英雄 - Black & White - Upcoming

痞子英雄 (Black & White) is a highly anticipated Taiwanese Police Drama starring Vic Zhou and Janine Chang.

The trailer looks pretty awesome and I look forward to what looks like the "Miami Vice" of Taipei.

Set to broadcast on Saturday, April 11 in Taiwan on PTS. I'll probably have to wait until the summer to get my hands on it here in LA.


Steven & Cacie said...

You can watch it now on That's how I'm watching it here in Seattle. Though I can't wait to buy it on DVD! It is amazing!!!

Populasian said...

mysoji! That site is awesome.

I don't have a very modern set up at home and watch most of my TV while washing the dishes every night.

They seem to be showing 2 episodes a week, so it'll make it here to the USA in June or July. For the better quality, you have to wait even longer for the Taiwan versions to be released.

Steven & Cacie said...

It'll be worth the wait! That's for sure. Can I ask where you buy he DVD's? I have no clue where I could get them up here. There are quite a few I would love to buy (like mars and linger) but it isn't like wal*mart carries them.

Populasian said...

I've been getting most of my stuff at AMAX for the last year or so, but its in the Los Angeles area. Since you're in Seattle, YesAsia or ebay. YesAsia is premium pricing, tho.

Sensasian and HK Flix are others, but I've never ordered from them.

Lisa said...

You Tube is awesome. That's how I get my dose of 痞子英雄. upload the latest episode (2 episodes per week) every Saturday morning. Or u can check out

Btw, completely love this drama!!

Populasian said...

Thanks Lisa. I usually catch a few episodes when a drama starts on YouTube as well. If it starts well, I normally wait for the DVD release a few weeks/months after its broadcast ends in Taiwan. Unfortunately, I don't like to watch that much on YouTube.

I am eagerly awaiting this drama to land in LA on DVD soon as well.

Populasian said...

I just picked this up at AMAX.