Friday, February 20, 2009

Dual Blogging - Update

I started the Populasian Blogger Blog on November 14, 2008.

It was mainly so I could see if Blogger's blog tool was better than Xanga's. Well, it is and so much more. I pretty much stopped posting to Xanga after a week. I've since, slowly but surely moved all my post from Xanga to over here on Blogger one at a time. Which I finally finished last night. Woot! Along the way, I've standardized on a template for my movie and drama reviews. I'll be updating old post with the template as time permits. Basically, more images!

So, I am simi-retiring my Xanga Blog. I will occasionally post something there from here. Since I've been blogging a lot, I'll post the ones I want more focus on over on Xanga too.

But, like its been since I started on Blogger, I won't have any post originate from Xanga anymore. Well, maybe a post or two to point them to the Blogger Populasian blog.

I will look into trying the wordpress blog tool in the future.

I am still in the single digit readership. And most of my traffic comes from a post about "Chinese Language TV in Los Angeles" regarding channel 44.6, its nice to see the traffic trends.

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