Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mongolian Ping Pong - 綠草地

Mongolian Ping Pong (綠草地) was making all the film festival favorites a few years back. Almost an afterthought, I added it to my Netflix queue a year or so back. I've got a 400+ queue so for it to have come, I must have bumped it up.

The story follows a group of Mongolian boys finding a ping pong ball drifting in a nearby riverbed. These boys do not know that its a ping pong ball. The ask around and everyone seems to know. Except, all of them are wrong. They finally find out and what the words on the ball mean.

Its a comedy of sorts and is quite cute. Its my first mongolian language film and I liked it.

I don't know if its inner Mongolia or the country of Mongolia. In any case, it was an eye opener. I was justified moving it up my queue.

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