Monday, May 11, 2009

Amazing Race 14 - Tammy and Victor - Leg 12 - Finale

I caught the full episode of Amazing Race Season 14, Leg 12, the finale. In Leg 12, the teams continued to Maui with 3 main challenges.

The first challenge was a swine roast luau task. They had to season a pig, carry it via a bamboo rod to the luau location, and cover it properly. Tammy and Victor got there first but were overtaken and finished the task second. The inability to carry the pig on their shoulders caused them the greatest time delay. I feel sorry for the people that have to eat that pig.

The second challenge was a water craft trip to a 100 buoy location to find a clue. They got there second, but finished the task last.

The third challenge was to rummage through a pile of 300 surfboards to find pictures of there 11 previous legs. On the way there, Tammy and Victor got stuck behind a slow car. Probably costing them a few minutes. But they got there second. Victor took the road block and had to dig through the surfboards to find 11 pictures. The pictures had to represent one of the activities of each leg. Due to the inability of the other 2 teams to get their last clue, Victor was able get all 11 and finish first.

In the end, Tammy and Victor became victorious at the end when the other two teams had trouble with the surfboards.

Reunion of all the pairs for Season 14.

I started watching Season 14 with Leg 6. I started again with Leg 9 and finished the rest of the season. Because of Tammy and Victor, I continued to watch and cheered them on. Congratulations to Tammy and Victor for representing the Asian American and Chinese speaking American community. And also for winning a million dollars!

I wish I had seen the Thailand episodes. I may end up watching them online one of these days (unlikely). Maybe future seasons will present a compelling pair like Tammy and Victor and locations I am interested in for me to watch again.

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