Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Restless - 中天

The Restless (中天) is a 2006 film out of Korea starring Kim Tae-hee and Jung Woo-Seong.

The movie is about Jung who's a demon hunter. However, Jung lands in midheaven and gets involved in a coup there. Helping the princess in power retain her life and kingdom.

The world created is lush and very colorful. The emotional strain of the pair is explored as the things continue to get more tricky.

I actually saw this movie while on a business trip in Kuala Lumpur back in October 2007. It's finally made it to the states. The movie received a lot of hype back in 2006, but I couldn't ever get my hands on it with English Subs. I had a Chinese subbed one, but I don't read enough Chinese to understand the movie.

The movie wasn't very good though, but I was glad I watched it as it was a unique concept and the sets were very nice.

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