Friday, May 15, 2009

九降風 - Winds of September

九降風 (Winds of September) is a 2008 movie out of Taiwan.

The movie is about 9 high school kids in Taiwan. 7 of the kids are boys and known trouble makers in the school. The kids are not all in the same grade. The 2 gals are both in band and romantically involved with the 2 of the guys. The story mainly revolves around Tang and Yen. They seemed to be the focus of the film and have the most face time. You get a slice of their life and trouble they get into. The only parents in the film belonged to Yen. The rest seem to drift to school and life without mention of their parents.

As with all friendships, there are riffs and some are fixed and some are not. Emotion riffs start and the boys are loyal to each other to a fault. When tragedy befalls one of the members, the groups starts to splinter. When a criminal event happens, the group dissipates before us.

The movie has a lot of scenery shots that I liked a lot. The colors were quite beautiful. It is a slice of Taiwan that I've not seen before.

Overall, I liked the film. I am in my mid 30s, so the subject matter wasn't that interesting. But I let that take a back seat. The movie starts the storyline in September of 1996 and ends it in June 1997.

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