Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Linda Linda Linda - 琳達! 琳達!

Linda Linda Linda (琳達! 琳達!) is a 2005 film out of Japan.

The movie is about a group of girls that form a band to play 3 songs at the school cultural student festival concert. 3 of the 4 girls were in a band that was originally suppose to play. But the band broke up when the lead singer has a fight with one of the members and the guitarist injures her hand. They pick up a Korean foreign exchange student as the lead singer. Eventually deciding on doing covers of a popular Japanese punk band, The Blue Hearts. Among the songs is one called "Linda Linda Linda". Of which this movie is called. None of the girls or characters in this have the name Linda.

The girls bond as they have to pull all nighters to practice and find studio time. It is a story of friendship in the making that should last a lifetime.

The movie ran way too long for me and I was debating to fast froward almost throughout the film. I did fast forward the walking scene and other scenes with no apparent action.

You can get it off Amazon or rent it via Netflix.

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