Sunday, May 17, 2009

The City of Violence

The City of Violence is a 2006 film out of Korea. It is a action adventure buddy movie.

Some kids in their youth band together and form a psuedo lifetime bound. Fast forward to the present, one of them is dead and a couple of others start to investigate. Mystery surrounds his death and roadblocks keep coming up. Until the mystery is finally solved.

There are lots of fighting in this movie. Lots! There are 2 mob (lots of people) fighting scenes that doesn't borderline on absurd. It is absurd. How 2 guys can beat 50+ people that have weapons is crazy. It's crazy like a video game.

For all the hype, I was disappointed and extremely bored watching this video game in the form of a movie. And I couldn't even control anything other than my DVD remote.

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