Tuesday, May 26, 2009

換換愛 - Why Why Love

換換愛 (Why Why Love) is 2007 drama out of Taiwan. It stars Rainie Yang, Michelle Chen, Mike He, and Kingone Wang.

Rainie plays a cheap, caring, and genuine character named Jia Di. Jia Di works for a department store. That department store's owner has two sons played by Kingone and Mike He, Huo Da, Huo Yan. So, two rich guys with lots of issues. Jia Di's best friend is Xiao Nan played by the lovely Michelle Chen.

The drama goes for 15 episodes and is a classic, poor girl, rich guys drama. Girl falls for one, than the other. But other rich girls get in the way. Family gets in the way. Misunderstandings are a given and everyone seems to NOT be communicating with each other.

I like the series a lot and it was a breeze to watch. I don't recall even fast forwarding anything.

A note on the Chinese and English titles. The Chinese is translated to Change Change Love or Exchange Love. So, I don't understand the "why".

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