Saturday, May 23, 2009

DOA: Dead or Alive - 生死格鬥

DOA: Dead or Alive (生死格鬥) is a 2006 film directed by Corey Yuen. The movie is based off a video game of the same name. It stars an international cast from the US, Australia and various Asian countries.

I don't know if I ever played it before. Up until the Wii, I've never owned a console. But I have no recollection of playing this game or the characters. So, I have no clue if the movie was true to the game or not.

But beyond that, the movie is a classic tournament style action b-movie. The characters beat each other up for a little and than main plot happens. They beat up more people! And of course, the main draw of the film are the lovely ladies. Plenty of sun and bikinis.

Filmed in various parts of Asia but mainly in China and Thailand. Check it out for the stunning beauties and decent fighting. Not for the plot and production value.

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