Friday, May 8, 2009

Legendary Assassin - 狼牙

Legendary Assassin (狼牙) is a 2008 film out of Hong Kong starring Jacky Wu and Celina Jade. I've been waiting to watch this since it was released last fall.

Wu Jing plays Bo, on a mission for Chairman Ma. Within the first few minutes of the film, we see Bo behead Ma and that he's stuck on the island until the ferry service is restored after the typhoon passing. Celina plays Hiu, a fearless police officer. How do they meet? Hiu is on a tree looking to get her cat. Bo is passing by as Hiu falls from tree, saved! Queue spinning as the two leads meet. Hiu and Bo end up going to a place to eat where 3 criminals are spotted. The over zealous Hiu asks for identification and a fight ensues. Bo saves Hiu and is brought back to the police station for a statement.

Ma's wife has sent men to the island to protect him, but get there too late and start a search of the island to find the messing head. Hiu responds to a noise complaint and they fight Ma's men. Bo comes to the rescue again.

The chemistry between Bo and Hiu was apparent from the beginning. Wu Jing does a descent acting job, but he only has 2 expressions. Dumbfounded look and killer look. He needs to get trained on the finer points of selling a scene with his face. Same with Celina. But the acting wasn't a drawback.

I liked the film and it lived up to the hype for me. I'll still refer Fatal Contact, whom I think is Wu Jing best work to date, to see Wu Jing action.

A note about the movie title. The Chinese translation for the title is "Wolf's Teeth". It is a reference to the wolf tooth necklace Bo wears in the movie and actually saves his life. As for the English title of Legendary Assassin. Don't get it other than its for future pimping of the film overseas. Bo isn't even a real assassin per se as the ending of the story presents.

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