Tuesday, April 20, 2010

YouTube Singers

One of the great things about YouTube is the massive amounts of people that post up covers to songs and posting their original songs. Some are great and some are "eh...". I don't normally get to catch up on the latest "it" guy or gal. Because someone knew about them way way before I did. So, I am a bandwagon when it comes to these trends.

My favorite is Afraid of Everest aka Singindork888. It's been a few years since he broke out into cyber space with his cover of Jason Mraz's Lucky. Since than, he's been regularity pumping out great stuff. I'd be lying to say I keep up. But the guy has some mad guitar skillz and a pretty smooth voice.

Recently, I stumbled upon aozorafantasii. aozorafantasii has some pretty good indie skillz with the guitar and a pretty voice. According to aozorafantasii's blog, she was born in China, raised in the US, picked up Japanese in HS and got the Japanese bug! aozorafantasii packed her bugs for the land of the rising sun. Wow, what a great story along with some mad talent. aozorafantasii sings in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Mad props.

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