Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chinese Language TV in Los Angeles

I don't recall the 70s, but LA has had Chinese Language TV since the 80s on KSCI, Channel 18.  Since the 90s, they've added cable stations and the 00s, digital channels and broadbrand's KyLin TV.

Most recently, IAVC is starting a 24/7 digital station on channel 44.6.  Here's an excerpt of their media kit release:
"On December, 1, 2008, IAVC will launch one 24/7 Chinese channel on UHF Ch.44.6, TV viewers in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Ventura County may watch IAVC’s digital-quality channel without paying any fees."

That's pretty cool since I don't have cable or dish.  I rely on free TV.  Up until a couple of days ago, they were on this repeated commerical that looped every so often.  They seem to be showing regular stuff now.   But there's the big "TEST" in the middle of the screen, so it looks like they really are waiting until 12/1.

Back in the 90s, channel 62 (KRCA) use to have chinese broadcast.  But I think that the increase in cable stations may have played in a role in those broadcasts ending.  I am just guessing.  I use to watch a show called "Flash Beat" with a host named Harry.  Ironically, Harry and I went to the same high school and church, but didn't know each other from there.  But were introduced by a mutal friend years later.

If you're in the LA area, you can get Chinese Language TV for free, on cable, on satalite, or broadbrand.  Its just a mater of looking for it.

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