Thursday, June 14, 2012

America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 - Katy Perry Superstar Finale

Last night was the tenth and final episode of the seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew. The super star for this week was Katy Perry. As is the final week, we had the two remaining crews do a farewell routine. This week, Elektrolytes was paired with Season 5 champions, Poreotix. 8 Flavahz was paired up with Season 4 champions, We Are Heroes.

After the four crews performed, Season 6 champions, I aM mE, brain banged the world with their final "current" champions tag performance. They showed the world that their Season 6 win was not a fluke. Pretty sick routine.

As the final minutes of the show rang in, Elektrolytes was named the Season 7 champions. Yupe, those boyz from the A to the Z. Also ending the "AZN" theme of ABDC as well. No one that I know of on Elektrolytes is AZN. Dang, it wuz a good run A Z Ns.

As I reflect on the season, I still harken back to Season 1, 3, and 5. Even season 6 is starting to make its way up there. Will Season 7 make it into my top seasons. The feeling is no. But you never know.

Thoughts on the next season. Bring back the dance crew all stars. I think they've already gone through their stable of all star artist. Here's my list again:
Season 1
-- Kaba Modern
-- Breaksk8
-- Fysh n Chicks
Season 2
-- SoReal Cru
-- Supreme Soul
-- Distorted X
Season 3
-- Beat Freaks
Season 5
-- Blueprint Cru
-- Hype 5-0
Season 6
-- ReQuest Dance Crew

There you go, 10 crews from previous seasons that will definitely give good performances. I think some of these crews have disbanded since elimination off the shows, but maybe they can get them to reunite.

Looking forward to Season 8, whenever that is. Hopefully there is one.

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