Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amazing Race 14 - Tammy and Victor - Leg 10

I caught 45 minutes of Leg 10 of Season 14 of The Amazing Race this past Sunday.

Tammy and Victor's Chinese did shine again in this leg. But they didn't shine during the challenges. The challenge I started on was finding the foot massage parlor which they came in 3rd. And the last challenge of syncro diving or 400 meter relay. They came in 3rd too.

But there's a twist! No one was eliminated. Hopefully, Victor's leg cramps won't prevent him from running. Eat some bananas!

Looks like Leg 11 is again in China. But it doesn't mention the city, but the task looks like getting dressed up in Classic Chinese Opera gear and looking for stuff.

Drama too! However, the drama was barely on Tammy and Victor. Good Luck.

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