Friday, April 24, 2009

The Best Job in the World Contest

If you haven't heard about "The Best Job In the World" contest, just means you don't watch that much local news. Since it's announcement when 2009 started, it has received thousands of submissions.

Two of the finalist hail from Taiwan and China.

Clare Wang is a 30 year old interpreter from Taiwan. From the entry and blogs, Clare's English is quite strong and I can hardly notice an accent.

Yi Yao is a 30 year old from Guangzhou China. Yi is into scuba diving and other water activities. From Yi's entry, Yi has a heavy Chinese accent when speaking English and his blog is in Chinese.

Of the two, my vote is for Clare Wang because her English is better and she runs a blog in English.

As for the chance of Clare or Yi winning? Its a none for Yi and maybe on the radar for Clare. My guess is that winner will be white and female. They are picking the winner in less than 2 weeks. As much as Clare and Yi pimp that they'll reach 1+ billion. I think only a few thousand will have interest in reading their blog from China.

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