Sunday, April 12, 2009

Drink Drank Drunk - 千杯不醉

Drink Drank Drunk (千杯不醉) is a 2005 movie out of Hong Kong starring Daniel Wu and Miriam Yeung. Miriam Yeung plays a frugal beer girl that hasn't gotten drunk before. Daniel Wu plays a world travel trained in classical French food. When they meet and fall in love. They must reconcile each others dreams and the reality of settling down.

I thought it was a touching film, but ultimately was a let down because I didn't fully believe the romance. The romance kind of just happened. There didn't seem like there was any chemistry between the two.

Also, the cover is whacked. Miriam's clothes never get that revealing. Also, I think its just Miriam's head photoshopped onto the cover body. Really bad cover. Selling something that never really happens.

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