Thursday, April 16, 2009

Miami Vice - 邁阿密風雲

Miami Vice is a 2006 film starring Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx and Gong Li directed by Michael Mann.

Gong Li plays the lover of a drug lord named Isabella, as well as a first or 1.5 generation Chinese Cuban. Apparently, Isabella and the drug lord, Montoya have a very open relationship. Because Isabella starts a very overt love affair with Colin Ferrell's character, Sonny Crockett.

In essence, Gong Li's character of Isabella is a fierce financial advisor. Very much a dragon lady role. Gong Li's English accent is unique as well. I recall that Gong Li was taught to have a Spanish accent while speaking English. Since Gong Li's English isn't an American accent, that made for an interesting mix. I wonder if Gong Li's picked up any Singlish.

I was a big fan of Gong Li back in the 90s. Since the late 90s, I've not been to interested in her projects.

As for Michael Mann, this was a disappointing feature. Heat, Ali, and Collateral are among some of the better films I've seen.

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