Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Natural City - 真愛傾城

Natural City (真愛傾城) is a 2003 film out of Korea. Natural City is a science fiction film in line with Blade Runner or Brazil. Robots, androids an cyborgs or common and technology is advanced. But there is still a dark and luminous feel to the story.

This movie is no Blade Runner or Brazil. However, when I rented this back in 2004 with bad subtitles and all, I was quite impressed. I had not seen science fiction from Korea and didn't know what to expect. I was quite impressed with the movie as a science fiction film. However, whereas I watch Blade Runner and Brazil about once every few years or so, this won't be among them. The characters flaws are quite exaggerated and there's no one I felt connected to when the movie was over. I was ok, its over, nice special effects. Nice city, nice futuristic city, but I didn't care much to enter that world again.

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