Sunday, April 5, 2009

Born Into Brothels - 小小攝影師的異想世界

Born Into Brothels (小小攝影師的異想世界) is a 2004 documentary about children of prostitutes in Calcutta's red light district.

The movie documents the lives of a handful of children that started taking a photography class. The assignments were to take pictures of their surroundings. The movie than dives deeper into each children's lives and tells their family life. The movie than documents the photography class teacher's efforts to get these kids into schools.

Its a touching documentary as you see the kids take their pictures and share them with the class, teacher, and world. The other side of the story is that these kids are children of prostitutes and their lives are tough.

There's a lot of emotions when the ghetto parts of society are highlighted. A range of emotions that are both uncomfortable and helpless.

I guess, that's what documentaries are suppose to do. In that sense, this was a good one.

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