Thursday, April 30, 2009

對不起,我愛你 - Su Mi Ma Sen, Love

對不起,我愛你 (Su mi ma sen, Love) is a 2009 film out of Taiwan starring Chie Tanaka and Wu Huai-Chung. They actually play themselves in the film.

Chie Tanaka, hot off the heels of Cape No. 7 is a model in Taipei from Japan that goes to Kaohsiung for a day off to recharge. Wu is a movie store and parts worker that journals his life. Wu noticed Chie at the movie store and chase begins. There is a certain purse that gets lost, a $500 dollar bill that plays into "fate". They meet up again in a church and the day spent around Kaohsiung begins. Along the way, they talk, get to know each other. Do they fall in love at the end? You'll have to watch and see.

Running in a brisk 73 minutes, it was a short and sweet film. I'll be honest, I was quite bored at the 45 minute mark and was ready to stop. But the last portions of the film brought it home and made up for it. It's a slow film, no doubt about it, but it's with a purpose.

Chie's Chinese seems to be better in this film, than in Cape No. 7. I wonder how much longer she's gonna want to do Chinese films.

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