Tuesday, April 14, 2009

宅變 - The Heirloom

The Heirloom (宅變) is a 2005 film out of Taiwan starring Terri Kwan and Joseph Chang. The movie is a suspense and horror film rolled up into one.

5 very trendy and beautiful young professionals are featured in this film. Terri Kwan and Jason Chang are a couple and decide to get engaged and stay in Taiwan. Jason is the last heir to his families house. But his family has a dirty little secret. The family has in the past used ghost to gain fortune. However, the generation before, the cycle seemed to be broken and the fortune ended. And that's where the mystery and confusion start.

I liked the film in regards to its complicated storyline. This isn't your typical horror film as the cover suggest, but it builds up to the explanation of why things are happening and how to stop it. However, I was quite confused a number of times and had to re-watch a bunch of scenes to understand it completely. There were plot holes, but it didn't affect the over all story.

With this, Double Vision, and Silk, I believe the Taiwan horror suspense genre has curved out a very unique pattern. That it's more about the story and reveal than the slash and guts of things.

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