Sunday, April 19, 2009

愛的發聲練習 - My So-Called Love

愛的發聲練習 (My So-Called Love) is 2008 movie out of Taiwan starring 大S, 彭于晏 and 張孝全. I had mentioned that I was looking forward to it last November, here.

The movie starts in the present time and than flashes back in time. Part of that flashback includes a flashback of 大S's mother abandoning her. Than the flashback moves to 大S in High School (I am predicting her Senior year in High School). 大S is looking for a place to stay and suddenly, gets a call from her mother. They reunite where 大S now has a sister and a step-father. But things do not stay sane and the step-father ends up being a peeping tom. 大S falls for Liam and they end up moving into a apartment together. 大S passes the exam for entry into a college, but not Liam. Liam ends up going to the army. Finances are not good. Loneliness creeps its way into everyone's lives. 大S cheats and the exploration into a self destructive life begins.

The movie was a major let down for me. There wasn't much hype about it, but I was looking forward to it. What was I expecting? I can only guess that I was expecting it to be good. Which it wasn't. It was slow, overly sensual (I didn't see a reason behind it), confusing, and generally morbid. 大S is the main star and her childhood paints a picture of her fear in dealing with issues and the ability confront things that would be considered "good" for her. On the verge of "happiness", 大S exhibits unexplainable self destructive behavior.

The movie has good music and is very stylish. But that can't make up for a slow plot, uninviting characters, and a morbid tone to the movie.

It's for import where you can find it and it comes with English subs.

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