Saturday, April 18, 2009

Champions - 奪標

Champions (奪標) is a 2008 movie out of Hong Kong. It stars Dicky Cheung and a gazillion others. I am surprised that the movie was released after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but it also makes sense.

The movie is about a athletics department sending their athletes to a sports completion. The 1936 Olympics. So, the the story goes into song and dance about what seems like propaganda for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Power of Chinese Athletics is a running theme. The story also has the athletes having to make enough to pay their way. There's a lot of fighting. A lot of drama. A lot of bad guys.

I would rate this film in the super cheesy category for its propaganda type theme for athletics. Cheese for the romances and bromances. Cheese in the acting. Dicky Cheung is not looking like a early 20s guy anymore.

Its also got like 5 sub plots that extend the movie to 2 hours. Bring a notepad to keep track of all the characters and their relations to Dicky.

Not a great film. Not even a good film. But its worth a watch, but just once.

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