Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amazing Race 14 - Tammy and Victor - Leg 9

I've caught about 3 of the 9 episodes for Amazing Race Season 14 so far. I've enjoyed it so far because of Tammy and Victor. The sibling pair are Chinese American and in episode 9, let there Mandarin Chinese shine. Both are ABCs and proud to be Chinese American. I am hoping I can get my two daughters to speak conversationally in Mandarin Chinese when they get older.

For Leg 9, they landed in Guilin, China. When I saw they were headed to Guilin, it brought back fond memories of my 2 rain soaked days there on a "Super Vacation" tour back in June 2000. My father also happened to be born there as well.

Tammy and Victor basically carried the other 2 tag along teams this week. Leg 10 is going to have them trek to Beijing. Victor also happened to be at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Hope they do well and come out on top. Of the remaining 4 teams, Asian or not, I think they've shown the best attitude and respect for the other teams.

Tune in and cheer on Tammy and Victor.

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