Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 Winter Olympics - Ice Skating

The 2014 Winter Olympics are back! Pretty old news since it started almost 2 weeks ago and ends this weekend. I love the Olympics. The summer ones more than the winter, but love it nonetheless. My two daughters are taking ice skating now, so I've had my share of it these past few nights. With the newly introduced team event, Ice Skating started the day before the opening ceremonies just to get through the qualifying rounds. I have a feeling Russia will be winning this for the first 2-3 times based on their team strength. I think Canada and the USA will flip flop the 2nd and 3rd slots.

I live in Los Angeles so I get coverage of from NBC and when I have time, I'll watch the non-edited NBC Live streams on my tablet. Too much to do in one day to just sit around and watch olympics.

Ice skating has a lot of Asians in it. They may not be on top of all the events, but they are scattered throughout the 4 different events. Most represent the Asian country they come from. But the USA and Canada team reflect their immigrant culture with many Asian-Americans and Asian-Canadians. Which give my two daughters an example if they ever decide to pursue this. If they do. If not, they will still be motivated by them.

Mirai Nagasu wasn't able to represent the USA this time around due to some controversial decisions.

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