Sunday, March 30, 2014


As I close in on my 1,500 post, I can hardly believe that I've posted as much as I have for the past year. Since January 2013 when I picked up Box Office reporting, I've been pretty consistent. Although I will never reach my 2009 numbers, I'll be consistent with the box office reporting.

I've also added monthly movie guides. They're really a record of things for me to watch. I think I'm at a 25% success rate on the movies that make my guide. Reviews have been far and few and its because they take so darn long to write and I sit on them too.

There's a lot of of good stuff coming out of Asia. All the time. It just takes a little time to make sure you spend it on the quality stuff. Here on North American shores, Asian entertainment has a few bright spots in Steven Yeun and Justin Lin. There are lots of token Asians showing up in general media from commercials to Agents to movie roles. There's a fresh off the boat thing making its way to the small screen too.

Jeremy Lin's season is not Linsanity like unfortunately. I can only dream he'll somehow get traded to the Lakers.

I leave you with the first of a series that I hope will continue to cover lots in Entertainment from the Asian viewpoint.

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