Thursday, May 15, 2014

Last Week - How Is This Still A Thing?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver's new HBO show's bit, "How Is This Still a Thing?" had a great segment, "Dressing Up As Other Races". Asian caricatures are quite prevalent in USA mainstream culture. Chinatown gangster, Dragon Lady, Tiger Mom, "me love you long time", ching chong are just a short list of things. The romanization of many Asian languages to English has been the subject of comedy. Hollywood is one of its worst offender.

So, when I saw this piece, it was good because of how absurd the audacity of the people that do this. How is dressing up as other races ever a good thing. 95% of time its not! But ninja outfits are dope. Everyone should just get in ninja gear. Ninja gear doesn't care about yo race, you're like covered 95%. You don't need to blackface it. The black plant goes with the costume like the white stuff goes with a Dracula costumes.

Moral of the story. Story being racist, starting with not dressing up as other races. Especially blackface.

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