Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fresh Off The Boat - Upcoming

Fresh Off The Boat! Picked up by ABC for the fall season, it stars Constance Wu, Randall Park, and Hudson Yang. The trailer does make it very interesting. The taiwanese super market was a bit of an exaggerated scene. But its comedy. Constance seems to know a little Mandarin.

Also of note is the reference to Taiwanese versus Chinese and the use of Asian. I wonder how that will play to the more general Asian market. Will the CJK community rally around this?

Fresh off the boat is actually not just an Asian thing. I've heard it referenced in many minorities enclaves. It's a general term for people new to a country and doesn't know its language and culture well. But for reasons unknown to me, the acronym of FOB has become the nomenclature in the USA mainstream for Asian arriving to the starts. My guess is that majority of the immigration to the USA via "plane" or "boat" is from Asian in the last few decades. The majority of the immigration in general is from Mexico, but they note associated with taking a "boat" to the USA.

I've actually even had a play on words type relationship with FOB. I tried to spruce it up by changing the F to PH, making PHOB. See what I did there? huh huh huh? Ok, that's desperate when I have to point out to you that its cool, automatically regulating it to uncool.

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