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Ranking The Marvel Cinematic Universe Films

With Captain America: Civil War hype reaching fever pitch going into its release on Thursday night. I can't help but hype it more. I recently watched Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Avengers: Age Of Ultron again. I've caught bits and pieces of Captain America: Winter Solider, Iron Man 2, and Captain America: The First Avenger on FX recently. The MCU is simply awesome and very entertaining for this comic geek.

1 Iron Man (鋼鐵人)
Iron Man started it all. Without the success of this film, the rest of the MCU would not exist. RDJ and Favreau put a compelling spin on Iron Man's origin story. It got people on board and people are not getting off. For 2008, this was a risky film and comic movies were forever changed.
2 The Avengers (復仇者聯盟)
When Iron Man succeeded, Thor and Captain America followed to establish more characters. As each film progressed to introduce parts of the Avengers, this was the movie that put it all together. This movie was the cumulative vision of the MCU that's now being copied everywhere. The movie had great acting, great writing, and some of the best action ever. As much as Iron Man shouted to the world that super hero movies can be great. The Avengers established the greatness of the MCU.

3 Iron Man 3 (鋼鐵人3/鐵甲奇俠3/钢铁侠3)
This was movie that truly showed what Tony Stark can do. As he boasted in Avengers, Tony Stark is a "Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist". This plays out in grand fashion as Stark deals with PTSD of New York and AIM trying to destroy Stark Industries. Without his armor, he's still a genius and survivor. The hall of Armors was a great homage to us comic book collectors.

4 Avengers: Age of Ultron (復仇者聯盟2:奧創紀元)
This movie was for the Avenger comic geek in me. So many references to comics that my head was about to explode. The storyline wasn't as strong as the first, but the action, dialogue, and purposeful way of MCU was noticed. Considered a failure because it wasn't domestically as strong at the box office, but it cleaned up overseas. I've watched this again several times and love it

5 Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 美國隊長2:酷寒戰士 - 美國隊長2 - 美國隊長2:冬日戰士
As much as Iron Man 3 continued on after Avengers, it really was an Iron Man movie. This was the Captain America movie after Avengers and it set the tone for the rest of the MCU. The events there led to massive MCU changes for movie and television. The movie was a story of Cap coming to grips with his modern surroundings. Falcon and Hydra are introduced and we get a massive spectacle along the way. Often reffered to as Avengers 1.5.

6 Guardians Of The Galaxy (星際異攻隊/銀河守護隊)
This is Marvel's Star Wars. Outside of Starlord being from Earth, it opens up a whole new galaxy. Earth is not alone and there are lots of other planets and galaxies out there. The movie was also Avengers like in bringing together a team for a common goal and ramped up the comedy. Can't wait to see what other crazy stuff is out in their galaxy.
7 Iron Man 2 (鋼鐵人2)
I think following arguably the best Marvel movie, there will be a let down. This might have been it. As a stand alone, it was quite entertaining. Iron Man is on display again and we all love Tony Stark. But this movie doesn't add much to the MCU.

8 Ant-Man (蟻人)
This was a comedy with action in it. Rudd is great as a goofball that could. Throw in some really good lines and actors, you have a really entertaining movie.

9 Thor: The Dark World (雷神索爾2:黑暗世界)
Asgard in all its glory is in this movie. It talks mythology and runs with it. A race of super humans that have melded technology with life and no screens. The earth stuff was the boring times.
10 Thor (雷神索爾)
Thor is awesome, you need a movie to introduce him. This was pretty good. The father son relationship angle was played up to great success.
11 Captain America: The First Avenger (美國隊長)
One of those movies that had to be done to set up Cap. Penny is awesome in this film and deserving got her own show. This movie isn't one I go back to watch often.

12 The Incredible Hulk (無敵浩克)
Hulk smash and emotes. Not something I would watch again. It's in the MCU, that is its saving grace.

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