Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ong Bak 2:The Beginning - 拳霸3

Ong Bak 2:The Beginning (拳霸3) is a 2008 film out of Thailand. The movie stars Tony Jaa.

The movie is a revenge movie in essence. Tony Jaa's character is Tien. Tien is the son of one of the 4 protectors of the emperor. The lead advisor has put into place steps to take over as emperor. As part of those steps, the lead advisor kills Tien's whole family. Tien escapes and somehow joins a group of pirates. These pirates are different though. They train in many different forms of martial arts. Tien eventually learns them all and becomes the best of the best among the pirates. The leader of the pirates wants to transfer power to Tien and retire. However, Tien has revenge on his mind and sets out to kill the lead advisor, who is now the emperor. Tien is then tracked down by the son when he succeeds in killing him. A climatic battle against the royal guard ensues.

The movie is not even 90 minutes, but seems that at least 75% of it is fighting. If you like to see fights, this is it. The fighting is intense and bone crushing.

The movie's storyline bares no relation to the first Ong Bak. In reality, they should have named this film something else.

The reason its called 拳霸3 in Taiwan, is because Tom Yum Goong was labeled 拳霸2 in Taiwan.

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