Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jeremy Lin Is Now A Rocket

Jeremy Lin is now officially a Houston Rocket. The Knicks had until 11:59 PM EDT on July 17, 2012 to match the Rocket's 3 year $25 million contract. They let it pass after months, MONTHS of saying to the world that they were going to match ANY offer. Since July 1, when the teams around the NBA started talks with Free Agents, Jeremy Lin's story was just behind the Dwight Howard saga. A a player with such a limited resume, Jeremy Lin dominated the US sports talk world for a couple weeks. After this week, we won't hear much of Jeremy Lin until the season's training camps get on the way. The question in October will be if he can sustain his play to a whole season.

As I read and hear of the developments behind the real reasons for the Knick's failure to match the offer, it makes James Dolan and his crew look like elementary school kids. As a life long Lakers fan, it would have been nice to extend an offer to Lin, but with Nash around, there's no need. I am sad. Maybe in a few years when Nash has retired and Jeremy Lin's contract is up.

Last weekend, while talking about Jeremy Lin's future with the Knicks, I couldn't get over the fact that Melo called Jeremy Lin's contract "ridiculous". What?! Have you ever heard others complain about another players contract so publicly. Retired players and analyst, etc. whom use to play do not count. And JR Smith going so far to say the locker room would not welcome him. What?! I only had one reaction, racism. Jeremy Lin is of Taiwanese decent and of Chinese ethnicity. That's a huge factor. I couldn't help be feel betrayed. If James Dolan is to feel betrayed, Melo should be the first. Didn't Jason Kidd get drunk and run into trees? What the heck?! NYC is suppose to be the US mecca of cultural sensitivity. Suppose to be. By the action of NYC's current headline takers, James Dolan, Melo, and JR Smith will never admit it's racism. How could they?

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