Wednesday, July 18, 2012

K-Town Episode 1 Premieres

O...M...G... The K-Town reality show finally premiered last week on July 11. LOUD is putting out episodes weekly for the rest of the summer on YouTube. Prior to the shows premiere, the reaction to a reality show about Los Angeles' K-Town has been mixed. Stereotypes are at the heart of the mixed reactions. Some will see it as breaking down Asian stereotypes for the better. While others see it as perpetuating a subculture that isn't representative of Asian Americans in the whole. But than again, as the Asian version of Jersey Shore, no one's going to mistaken Jersey Shore members for the rest of the US. I think people just like to see a train wreck.

For me, I also have mixed reactions. Mainly because the lives that the individuals choose to live on the show is very far from my reality. Yupe, way back in the 1990s, I had the opportunity to taste a slice of K-Town as a life long resident of the city of angels. The K-Town that I remember is very different that presented on the premiere episode. My K-town is all about the food. I worked close to K-Town for five years and frequented the fine food establishments for lunch during that time. I don't know if I've seen it in the dark since the 1990s (passing by on the freeway at night does not count).

The characters presented are all very camera friendly. Let's be honest, pretty people will get viewers to stay. Introductions were good. We need to get invested in the train wreck to come. Drama, drama, drama, Korean American style. Will we hear the irresistible Korean whining voice?

I didn't make it through the whole episode, I got bored. I went to do other things and I haven't wanted to finish the episode. I'll have to see if episode two will keep my interest.

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