Friday, January 25, 2013

2012 - The Other Films

2012 was a banner year for Taiwan films. After years of producing single digit releases, a full plate has been coming for the last few years. 2012 was a high volume year compared to the 20+ years before this. Taipei Times had a simi-decent look back at 2012 in Taiwanese Cinema. Here are the other releases that you may have missed.

西門町 (Westgate Tango)

球來就打 (Viva Baseball)

騷人 (Young Dudes)

犀利人妻最終回:幸福男,不難 (The Fierce Wife: Woman Onerous, Seeking Mr Right)

BBS鄉民的正義 (Silent Code)

變羊記 (The Ghost Tales)
[Not posting the poster or trailer here, follow the link...]

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